Oncologic Pain Care (Cancer Pain)

Whether your patient suffers from post-mastectomy pain, lymphedema or another type of cancer-related pain, the multidisciplinary pain management team at Pain Consultants of West Florida can help. Our therapies have helped reduce cancer pain to manageable levels and improve the patient’s quality of life through every stage of their disease.

Flexibility is important to cancer patients. To achieve greater flexibility, we individualize our treatments. Our patients have varying diagnoses, responses to pain and treatment and personal preferences. To manage their pain effectively, patients, families and care providers must work together closely.

Multiple paths to pain relief.

Nerve Blocks: We can inject numbing medications directly into certain nerves to help with cancer pain. These nerve blocks may provide good temporary pain relief.

Radiofrequency Ablation: This minimally invasive procedure may provide significant pain relief in patients who have cancer that has spread to the bones.

Opioid Medication: Medications, such as morphine, oxycodone, codeine, hydromorphone and methadone can provide good pain relief without side effects for many patients. In most cases, there should be no concern about developing “addiction” when these drugs are used to treat severe pain. Patients can be safely taken off these medication when they are no longer needed.

Lymphedema Prevention: When the lymphatic system is damaged by cancer, fluid builds up in soft body tissues and causes swelling (edema). It may be caused by cancer and cancer treatment. Lymphedema can affect a limb or any other part of the body and cause long-term physical, emotional or social problems for patients. Our physical therapists work with cancer-related lymphedema patients frequently with good results.

Compassionate care and treatment.

We can treat pain associated with many types of cancer. In some cases, our comprehensive care eliminates the need for your patients to see multiple specialists. We also offer in-house physical therapy, massage therapy, rehabilitation and mental healthcare. By offering these services under one roof, we can make the whole patient-referrer experience more beneficial, pleasant and convenient.

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