The Ultimate Guide to Headaches

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The Ultimate Guide to Headaches

It's nearly impossible to find someone who has never had a headache. Whether the aftermath of a night on the town, a taxing workout, or a long day at work, just about everyone has experienced the tight band of pressure across the forehead, piercing pain behind the eyes, or throbbing skull that characterizes one of the many kinds of headaches we can experience. However, many people are lucky in that their headaches are few and far between and their triggers can be easily discerned--the aforementioned night out, intense workout, or stressful day. 

The goal of this eBook is to help anyone suffering from a chronic headache disorder better understand their condition. 

  • Primary vs. Secondary Headaches
  • 13 Common Headache Disorders
  • Six Common Headaches Symptoms
  • Should I See a Doctor About My Headaches?
  • Diagnosing Headaches
  • 5 Tips to Help You Prevent Headaches
  • Treating Headaches