Pain Glossary and Management Terms

Posted on: 05/17/2016

At Pain Consultants of West Florida, we know that medical jargon can sometimes be a challenge to fully understand. What exactly is a Videonystagmography? Is there a difference between a trigger point injection and facet joint injection? And what does low-level laser therapy actually treat?

When our patients receive consultation and treatment, our doctors and medical staff address these type of questions and concerns thoroughly–and in a way that makes sense– to ensure they know exactly what it is that they are talking about.

We take pride in providing complete pain relief solutions through the integration of multiple specialties and modalities, and we always stress to our patients the importance of being familiar with common medical terms so they can be as informed as they can be about their conditions.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about pain management terminology, the glossary page on our website is a helpful educational and informational resource.  But remember, it is not intended to replace a medical examination or consultation. If you are in the need of medical care, get in touch with our doctors at one of our locations with our online form. Be painless, today!